• Robert E. Hansen
    Psychic Medium
    Author, Lecturer, Teacher and Public Speaker
  • Love Letters to the Living
    That is what Robert calls messages he receives from loved ones who have passed over to the other side

About Robert E. Hansen

Psychic Medium Robert E. Hansen has a solid reputation in communicating with those who have passed on and gives messages that he says are, "Love Letters to the Living."

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Insight Meditation August 22nd

You are cordially invited to join Robert for an evening of insight meditation practice. You will learn how to expand your consciousness, and enter a state of deep rest and clarity.

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Mediumship Intensive August 28th

We are delighted to announce that Robert will be offering a Psychic Practice/Mediumship Intensive 3 Hour Class for those who are seriously interested in expanding their psychic gifts.

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SPECIAL Upcoming Events

Join Robert each month in his studio and selected venues throughout New York.

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Robert's book "Windows Without Walls: Insights of a Psychic Medium" is an elegant synthesis of his worldly wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

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Gallery Readings

Join Robert in his private studio for a very small, yet public gallery of "Love Never Ends" gallery readings in Merrick, NY.

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Circle of Spirits

Join Robert in person for an intimate circle of 4 to 6 people in his private studio in Merrick, NY. Everyone will be read!

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Facebook Video Chats

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Guarding Your Heart

Join Robert as he takes you on a journey that will help you unravel your confusion, release the chains of fear and help you see the true beauty of the heart when it is in full blossom.

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I'm right, your wrong! These haunting words define the dark behavior of the Narcissist. Join Robert E. Hansen as he explores the impact of narcissism, the fears, the frustrations and the anger.  

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Finding Peace in the midst of chaos

Join Psychic Medium Robert E. Hansen as he discusses easy to practice and simple insights into calming your personal experiences. This will assist you in finding peace in your daily life.

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