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    Psychic Medium
    Author, Lecturer, Teacher and Public Speaker
  • Love Letters to the Living
    That is what Robert calls messages he receives from loved ones who have passed over to the other side


“Love Letters to the Living” that’s what Robert calls messages he receives from the other side.

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On Demand Courses with Robert coming soon. Enjoy time-earned wisdom from anywhere.

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Psychic Development

Join Robert at 9AM on Saturdays for Meditation followed by Mediumship Skills, Merrick, NY.

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SPECIAL Upcoming Events

Join Robert each month in his studio and selected venues throughout New York.

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Robert's book "Windows Without Walls: Insights of a Psychic Medium" is an elegant synthesis of his worldly wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

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Gallery Readings Jun 13th

Join Robert in his private studio for a very small, yet public gallery of "Love Never Ends" gallery readings in Merrick, NY.

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Circle of Spirits Jun 25th

Join Robert in person for an intimate circle of only 6 people in his private studio in Merrick, NY. Everyone will be read!

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Facebook LIVE

Join Robert on Friday evenings at 7:30pm for a LIVE Facebook Chat!

Living with an Addict!

Robert will share his personal insight, to help those who are suffering the effects of living with an "addictive" family member. If you are struggling, this is for you.

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Where Do Your Loved Ones Go?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in the human experience: Where do our loved ones go? What happens to us, when death pays a visit?

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Extraordinary Stories!

Join Robert as he shares some of his most dramatic, unusual and heartwarming stories, from the souls of the departed. You don't want to miss this!

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How am I going to get through this?

For many people, the challenges of life can be very overwhelming. Join Robert as he guides you through these tough challenges.

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