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I have had a few readings with Mr. Hansen over the years. he first time was probably around 1999. My father has come through at each reading, and Mr. Hansen has reported details that were private and unknown to anyone but our family members which included jobs held briefly by my dad in the 1930s, names of new babies in our extended family, unusual accidents in the family, and locations of items hidden and found after his death. It is impossible that anyone could have researched the details shared. Knowing that my loved ones, especially Dad, are present and helping as much as they can in our lives, and that we will all be together again some day, is extremely comforting to me and has changed my life. ~ Kim

My reading with Robert was amazing. It was my first time doing anything like this and I was hoping to connect with my father. We did right away! I received messages from my father that only he and I would have known about. Robert was so nice and I felt very comfortable with him. His center is peaceful and has a very calm feeling to it. I got so much from my reading and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to connect with a loved one either for validation or a message. ~ Rebecca

Dear Robert, a friend arranged our visit with you on the morning of November 22nd this past year. We were just amazed at all of the information you gave us about our dear Susie. When we returned home and played the tape again with Annie and Sue's boyfriend Chad, we found other connections we had not realized before. We are sending you Sue's memory card for your collection. And we thought you might like to see pictures of the little 'Irish' lake cottage and the special memorial garden we made for Sue. We made you work so hard to get the image in the beginning with the horses, remember? You have helped us to know with certainty that our little girl is not lost, but instead is with us always. We will always be so grateful to you.~ Judy and Ed Clifton, New York

Hello! I was in the audience the other night for the first time and I must admit, I was dragged by my sisters kicking and screaming. (I was the one with the folded arms in the front row, rolling my eyes) As a hard core skeptic, I give no credit to anyone that thinks they have some sort of 'gift' but I have to confess. In all my 54 years, I have never met anyone with as much accuracy, compassion and healing that Mr. Hansen brings to his audience. I was in absolute shock when I heard you read. I am almost embarrassed by my short sightedness. I guess there is a first time for everything. Thanks for the eye (and mind) opener. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is skeptical. Keep up the great work.~ Brian, New York

I visited Robert in his studio on my birthday, 8-3-2010. The only information I gave him was my first name. I said, Hi, I'm Jim and I'm your 11:15 appointment. After setting up my recorder and listening to him explaining how this works, we jumped right in. I was astounded at the things I was told. Things NO ONE KNEW!! Only myself and my wife, who passed a year ago. After verifying some things with other family members, he was accurate in I'd say at least 98% of what he told me; the other 2% has yet to be verified but I'm sure it will be. A most compassionate and soft spoken man. I, by nature, am a skeptical person but you can't argue with fact. He told me things that no living person knows!! I left with a sense of comfort and peace I haven't known in a long time. He is just truly astounding. ~ Jim, Atlanta Georgia

To whom this may concern, I am writing to express how much I appreciate Robert's gift and the peace it has given me, just for this moment. My husband and I had a reading with Robert a few months back. At the time, I couldn't believe what I heard. I have since seen Robert lecture twice, and I felt I needed to let him know that I heard his message and slowly I am learning to believe. My 7 year old son died suddenly and my heart is just broken. It remains broken, but I feel some sense of peace, and acceptance. I believe that I am unable to feel him because I am overwhelmed by grief, anger, and pain. I plan to work hard to hear my beautiful boy and feel his presence. Thank you, Robert for this second of peace.~ Anonymous