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Contribute a Testimony

My husband and I came to see you in hopes of having a visit from my mother. Confirmation of her still being close to us, we so desperately needed. We only lost her 9 months ago suddenly. The pain is still so fresh and I still feel so raw. Hearing what she had to say through you has changed our lives. I am overjoyed. You told me things that only few know. There was no denying that she is still with us and closer than we could have ever believed. My mom was my best friend, my hero; I will miss her physical presence till the day I die. But I know that although I can't touch her or see her,  she is all around us protecting us as you told us she said. I find myself talking to her more often and smiling whenever I think of her or see her picture. My tears have been replaced with smiles. Thank you for the greatest gift ever. God bless you. ~ Lisa, New York

I talked my husband into attending a reading at the Learning annex in NYC. We were going to see John Holland. Well, Mr. Holland was unable to be there that evening and you were gracious enough to take his place. I do not believe in coincidences you spoke you kept looking over at my husband and I knew that we would be read. You were unbelievably accurate in helping us connect with our son, Patrick who died, even down to the irreverent sense of humor he 'inflicted' on us. The next summer, I then arranged for a group reading in Long Island. Our family was the last to be read and once again, you were so exact. I think the experience was so helpful in my grand children's approach to their grief. Patrick adored them and they in return, idolized him. Thank you for the solace that you have brought to our tattered hearts.~ Linda, New Jersey

Thank you for the reading with myself and my sister. Your ability in allowing me to communicate with loved ones was truly special. Your gift has taught me that there are a few people in the world that can communicate and understand things that exist from beyond this physical planet. It was reassuring and unbelievable that love ones who have passed still look over and comfort us from beyond. During our reading you were able to accurately describe imagines of my family’s home as well as the names of family members and friends of the family who have been a part of my life for a very long time. The events from the past as well as events from the very day of the reading made me realize that the love, care and devotion that existed from family while alive, continues after they have passed on. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs any reassurance that you can always connect with a loved one. Thank you once again for enriching me with your gift.~ Marc

Please be kind enough to relay to Robert what a delight it was for me to sit in on one of his workshops. I genuinely enjoyed his personality, sense of humor and respect he showed for each of the lucky members of the audience fortunate to have been able to connect with the other side. Unfortunately, for me, I was not one of the lucky chosen to connect with the other side. I do however, feel lucky and privileged to have had the experience and pleasure of meeting Robert Hansen. With Great Thanks!~ Dina

My mom had passed and I was not dealing well because of circumstances that my siblings and I had to face. My mom was a hardcore fan of this stuff and my dad felt it was the devils work. Well, I adored my dad so I followed him. My friend who had been with you a few times really pressured me to go, she said it can't make me feel any worse...so I went. My mom came through with flying colors and your exact account of things that happened while she was ill amazed me. You said "she wants me to tell you she's glad you guys did what you did", and that amazed me even more. But the final thing was you said she wants me to know she was "so tired, baby" and I lost it because the night before she slipped into a coma after many months in the hospital, that was what she said to me, EXACT WORDS...I was blown away. I dragged my younger brother, who actually was scared to come, and my mom said a little something to him, I guess not to scare him more. Almost 2 years to the day of losing my mom that same brother, my baby brother who was like my son, was killed in a horrible car accident. I couldn't take anymore! I was at wits end and I NEEDED to come see you. Well my baby brother (26), who was so scared to come to you, came to me that day and explained how the accident happened and that he was so happy with mom and dad. I got so much more comfort from that reading. I CANNOT ever repay you for helping me heal through what was the hardest time in my life and my family's lives. I still listen to the tapes and take comfort in your words. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT WITH US! ~ Denise, New York

I had the pleasure of attending several of the Love Never Ends workshops. The first time was only five weeks after my Mom had passed away. Even though she had suffered with cancer for three years, I was still not prepared to deal with her dying. It was an amazing experience when my Mom came through. I can’t thank Robert enough for enabling me to hear from her. I have never been fortunate enough for her to come through again, although a few friends of mine have had the same kind of wonderful experience that I did. ~ Beverly