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  1. Kristen (New York)

    I would like very much to thank Robert for a reading that brought me tremendous peace. I have been read by Robert in the past. He always shows great compassion. His readings are not rapid paced. He takes the time to explain what he sees and what he is being told. In the past, there were surprises in my readings. I came expecting one person and heard from someone completely unexpected. I was grateful though for the messages that came through. My reading yesterday was different. My father passed away one month ago. We had been estranged through circumstances that I felt were the fault of neither one of us. I came yesterday hoping to hear from my father also wondering if it was too soon, or even wishful thinking. Not only did he come through, but it he apologized to me for the things leading to our estrangement. The things that he said to me were things I had believed he felt, but never had the chance to say before he passed. To say that I needed desperately to hear what he said is putting it mildly. Robert again, was patient and compassionate. He offers great insight into his gift although he apologized for giving what he called lectures.

    Roberts 'lectures' are part of his gift. The process of the reading and the hope of the reading is to bring healing. Robert has a gift, and his insight only adds positive things to any reading. He doesn't throw out rapid thoughts, rather he relays things in a way that is both comforting and peaceful. He has helped me connect with loved ones in the past. I have been guilty of believing I was open when I really hoped for certain people. I have always listened to Robert though when he talks about why certain people come through and the importance of their messages. I have seen him privately and in groups. It is always an amazing process whether you are the one to get read or not. I trusted him enough to see him privately, and I will always be grateful for the messages he brought to me. My experience connecting with my father yesterday is something I will cherish. I miss my father and love him very much. Words could never express the peace I feel knowing that we were able to reconcile after his passing.

  2. Margie Frenkel (New York)

    Robert Hansen recently brought his "Love Never Ends" to Greenvale (Nov. 12) and I was one of the fortunate who was read. He was able to recall my dead ex-husband and bring out an apology, long overdue, from him to me. Although I bantered jokingly with Mr. Hansen, I truly appreciate both the apology and Mr. Hansen's talent to bring that out. I do, however, want to clarify a comment Mr. Hansen made regarding forgiveness. I have forgiven my ex when he committed suicide April 1, 2006. It might not have sounded that way on Nov. 12, but I have. Please relay my sincere gratitude to Mr. Hansen

  3. Cathy (New York)

    Back in 2003 I attended one of Robert's readings when he was located in the Cherrywood Shopping Center. It was one of the most amazing things that I've ever seen. I must let you know that he actually saved my life that night. The very next day I was scheduled to go for a breast biopsy which I had every intention of canceling. Robert looked me straight in the eye after reading a few people around me and said, "Someone here has to go for a biopsy and is thinking of blowing if off. Don't! Something will be found but you will be fine." He's the reason I went for that test; something was found and I am now fine (7 years later). I have told that story so many times over the years. I actually ran into Mr. Hansen and thanked him a few years back. One of these days I'll get back into his studio to see him again. He really is an amazing human being.

  4. Mary (New York)

    I attended Mr. Hansen's Love Never Ends workshop on Wednesday night on March 19th. I just wanted to let you know that I had a very positive experience and woke up the next morning feeling like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I found the whole experience to be very comforting and remarkable.

  5. PC (New York)

    I was in your seminar on 12/28 and was one of the last people you read. You asked my if I live by a train and I do live near the Long Island railroad. You then asked my who died in a train accident, someone who may have worked for a railroad and for the life of me I could not make a connection. I kept pondering this on my way home because this was the first time that you read me and I know that you were right. I've been to many of your seminars. It finally hit me. When I was very young about 5 years old my uncle died at 42 of a heart attack on the subway. My few memories are so positive and he was my mother's only brother and they were very close. Both my parents passed by the time I was 27 years old and my brother and I are just about all that's left. I just found it so incredible that my uncle could have been present. Just wanted you to know.

  6. Name Withheld for Privacy

    I was at the White Light Meditation last night which I loved and just signed up for Grey Wolf. I absolutely love to listen to and learn anything you want to share. But, I wanted to tell you that a woman who I used to work with saw you a few years ago. Her deceased father came through, loud and clear, and there was no doubt to her that it was him. During the reading something came up about her health, in particular, something in her head, and it was urged that she see a doctor and get checked out. Well, she did, and turned out that she had an aneurysm. She immediately went for surgery and has been fine and healthy ever since. She only went to your seminar to accompany a friend and wasn't sure what to expect (which of course we know was meant to happen). I know she never went back or told you this, but I thought you would like to know how you helped her and her family. I spoke to her and she clarified the story for me. She said that her father was presumed to have had a heart attack, but he came through and said he died of an aneurysm and not a heart attack. She was perfectly healthy except for an ear infection. They would never have checked her for an aneurysm because no family history, she was young, etc. But she told them her dad had come through and told her about how he had really died. So they decided to do a CT Scan and found she had an aneurysm as well which needed to be operated on right away. What an amazing gift you have, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Beverly

    I had the pleasure of attending several of the Love Never Ends workshops. The first time was only five weeks after my Mom had passed away. Even though she had suffered with cancer for three years, I was still not prepared to deal with her dying. It was an amazing experience when my Mom came through. I can’t thank Robert enough for enabling me to hear from her. I have never been fortunate enough for her to come through again, although a few friends of mine have had the same kind of wonderful experience that I did.

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